Mount Damavand Shadow
Mt Damavand has a good-looking shadow whis is an extraordinary sight of this giant volcano. During the sunrise during in a clear day, this beautiful shadow is stretched on the western hills and covers the Lar-Lake forming a nice triangular shape. But do not expect finding your own shadow on the shadwo!!

Damavand Shadow
Mt Damavand Shadow
Very good position of the photographer
Perfect timing and complete triangular shape
Photographer Unknown

You need a perfect timing to witness and to photograph the amazing shadow of Damavand. In order to have good opportunity to see this wonderful shadow and to take few photos, a good timing and good visibility is necessary. Related topic Damavand Shadow.
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Damavand Shadow
Shadow of Damawand Iran
Photo by A.Soltani

Damavand Shadow
Mt Damavand Shadow
Photo by A.Soltani

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