18 December 2009


Climbing Damavand

Climbing Mount Damavand Iran is a lifetime memory, many of you may have dreamed of climbing to this peak, in this topic we share our experice to give you the opportunity to try your dream.
If you are planning for the first time, we recommend to read the abc of this mountain at first, go to the informative pages and read the basic magic of this beautiful volcano and for more info please follow the appropriate links.

General and Technical Info
Find helpful general and technical information and raise your climbing skill on Mt Damavand for a safe ascend to the summit , a good coach or a local guide is very helpful and increases you chance of success. Acclimatization , Camps, Info, Maps.

Damavand Guide
Mt Damavand Guide iran

A summer climb to the summit is not technical and does not require major climbing skills but a good physical fitness is necessary, the main challenge is acclimatization and the fact that it gets tougher as you gain altitude. Read the most comprehensive info for Mt Damavand climbing in How to climb.

You may also be interested to use the experince of our mountain Guides, the most experienced ones in Iran, which are guarantee of safety and quality days in the mountains.

Proper Gear
To get pleasure of a safe climb to the Damavand summit, it is necessary to bring the proper mountain Equipment for a proper season, regular gear (plus some some food and drink) is adequate for a summer climb, but for other season it is quite different.

South Route
There are 16 Routes on Mount damavand, the most popular one is the south face, about 90% of climber prefer south face, it is the easiest and the best trail for newcomers, it is easily accessible from Tehran or north of Iran also a shorter way to the summit. Google Earth, GPS Landmark .

The most important factor for Mt Damavand ascends is Timing, you need a correct timing, when to start , when to rest , when to avoid this mountain. Climate, Weather Forecast .

MDG On line Help
MDG is the most informative site and the best online encyclopedia on the web for Mt Damavand climbing, design to help you to find technical info as quick as possible, if you have any question about climbing Damavand don't hesitate to drop us a note Contact Us, keep in touch and feel free to ask for more info to discover the magic of this beautiful volcano, we share our experience withyou and will reply to all emails with the subject Mt Damavand, be patient.

Map Mt Damavand
Mt Damavand Route Map

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