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MDG Photo gallery 2010 Mount Damavand Iran.
A collection of useful photos, picture and images for climbing and ski mountaineering Mt Damāvand.

Damavand Mountain Iran
Mount Damavand Iran
April 2010, Photo by A. Soltani

Damavand Mountain Iran
Mountaineering Federation of Iran, Damavand Camps
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

Damawand bargah sevom camp
Damawand Bargah Sevom Camp in a Stormy Day of April
Photo by A.Soltani

Demavand New Hut
Mt Damavand Camp3 New Hut, Inside view, Altitude 4250m
Made by Mountaineering Federation of Iran,
Photo by A.Soltani

Demavand Camp3 Old Shelter
Mt Demavand Camp3 Old Shelter, Inside view, Altitude 4220m
Photo by A.Soltani

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