01 March 2011


GPS Tracks
1 March 2011, by Sherppa

GPS Tracks for south route Mt Damavand Iran
GPS track is a useful data file which is recorded by a GPS receiver or a GPS tracker by using the Global Positioning System satellites, it helps and guides you to find the exact position of a path/track. It includs data such as time, speed, coordinate, (latitude, longitude) and altitude, it could be in different formats such as GPX, CSV, KML, KMZ ...You may convert it to your desired format by softwares like GPSBabel.

South Route GPS Track Damavand
Camp3 to Summit GPS Track, Damavand South Route
(Green line for ascend, red line for descend)

The data can be stored in a (handheld) gps device or a pc to show or simulate the exact location of a route/person to be displayed against a map backdrop when analysing the track.

Here you can download these useful GPS tracks files which assist your Damavand expedition, especially if you intend to explore the mountain without guide and by yourself only, these tracks help you the best footprints and footsteps

You can uploaded files to your gps device to determine your precise direction, or use it in google earth to see the tracks or to simolate the climbing, specially in case of bad weather and foggy condition, it helps to find the way and save your life.

The GPS Tracks in this topic is for climbing from south face through Camp1 Polour to the Damavand summit.
ie Camp1 Polour> Camp2 Base> Camp3 New Hut> Damavand Summit.

Remember, the clasic south route is the most recommended route to ascend Damavand and the best starting point is Cam1 Polour Hut.

Download GPS Track Files
For South Route in GPX Format
By Garmin Oregon 550 handheld gps navigator
(To save battery, some tracks are recorded when comming down!)

1- Track Camp1 to Camp2: Download
Track Gravel Road, by car in summer or walk in winter.

2- Track Camp2 to Camp3: Download

3- Ascend Trak Camp3 to Summit: Download
Climb from Old Shelter or New Hut to Mt Damavand peak.

4- Descend Track Summit to Camp3: Download
Return from top to Campsite3
Read more about this gps track in GPS Track 2

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Damavand Mountain GPS Track
Camp2 Base to Camp3 New Hut GPS Track
South Route Damavand Iran

Damavand Mountain GPS Track
Camp1 Polour to Camp2 Base GPS Track
South Face Damavand Iran

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