09 March 2011


Damavand Maps 4
9 March 2011, by Sherppa

South Face Road and Route Maps 2
In this topic you can find some interesting Google Earth maps and download the original size in jpg format, the maps gives you an idea about your way and distances from capital city Tehran to the starting point and first camp to the summit, it will guide you the correct bearing especially if you use it with a handheld gps receiver.

Remember south face is the most recommended route of this mountain, and the suggested starting point is Camp1 Polour Hut. The maps in this topic are useful for ascending from south face from Camp1 Polour to the summit.

How to go to Damavand
Tehran> Haraz Road> Polour Village > Polour Camp> Base Camp> Bargah Sevom Camp> Summit.

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Download Maps
You may download maps in jpg format
(made by Google Earth)

1- Tehran to Camp1: Download

Tehran To Damavand First Camp Map
Tehran To Polour Village Road Map

2- Camp1 to Camp2: Download
Gravel Road, by car in summer or walk in winter.

Damavand Mountain Map
Camp1 Polour to Camp2 Base Map
South Face Damawand

3- Camp2 to Camp3: Download

Damavand Mountain Map
Camp2 Base to Camp3 New Hut Map
Damavand Iran

4- Camp3 to Summit: Download
Camp3 Bargah Sevom Old Shelter or the New Hut to the top.

Damavand Mountain Map
Camp3 to Summit Map
South Route Damawand
(Green line for ascend, red line for descend)

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