16 March 2013


Lar Lake
On the western side of Damavand there is an artificial Lake in Dasht e Lar area called Lar Lake which is formed behind the Lar Dam. This lake is one of the main water reservoir which supply fresh drinking water to capital city Tehran.

Heavy rainfall and snowfall in the area result in pure natural fresh water which forms permanent springs, streams and river to this lake. Amirkabir Karaj Lake, Latian Lake, and Tar Lake are the other large lakes for storing drinking water to about 17 millions population of Tehran and the suburb.
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Lake Mt Damavand, Lar Dam Lake
Lar Lake and Mount Damavand Iran

Dasht e Lar area has a cool and pleasant climate due to vicinity of the Caspian Sea and the area provides beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views for hiking & trekking. The area is well known in for its natural poppy fields which covers a vast area around the lake in the spring and also for its exclusive red dotted trout fish.

Dasht e Lar is a protected zone and fishing in the Lar Lake and Lar Rivers is allowed only with permit for two months every year on even days. It is also a suitable place for water sports such as swimming.
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poppy field damavand Photo by A. Soltani
Damavand Poppy Fields
Photo by A. Soltani

A beautiful wild red flower like tulip, the scarlet poppy or papaver bracteatum. Persian Names
Gol shaghayegh, gol shaqayeq, gol laleh, correct name gol khashkhash.

How to go there
Tehran> Haraz Road> Polour Village> Lar Dam Lake
Located about 85 Km north east of Tehran in Central Alborz Mountains in Lar District, Mazandaran Province, Iran.
Closed to Mt Damavand and Polour Village.

Quick Facts

Location and Coordinate
Latitude 35-53-17 N
Longitude 52-00-36 E
Altitude 2,400 m - 7,874. ft
Distance from Tehran 85 Km
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lar dam lake damavand Photo by A. Soltani
Lar Dam Lake View from Damavand
Photo by A. Soltani

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Main source of fresh mineral water from Damavand Iran for mountaineers, backpackers, walkers and campers in the natural environment,.
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The water is as pure as a clear mountain stream. Drinking water formed mainly by melting snow and glaciers. It is a part of the ecosystem and serve as a water source for many people. Trek Damawand Iran.

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