Damavand South Route Avalanche
15 May 2013 posted by Sherppa

There has been an avalanche on the ski trail of Mount Damavand. It happened on the south route at about 10 am Tehran local time on 15 May 2013 which has injured two German ski mountaineers. The wounded Germans have been taken by a rescue helicopter to a hospital in Tehran. The latest info indicates that the injured mountaineers are not in a serious condition.

The avalanche occurred after one week of heavy snowfall in the Damavand Ski Touring area. This is the first reported avalanche in this zone and there has been no record of any major avalanche in this part of Damavand Mountain.

lar dam lake damavand Photo by A. Soltani
Damavand Avalanche
On the red line from 5200m down to about 4400m
Near the Camp3 New hut

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