06 February 2010


Cost and Price Mount Damavand Iran
The cost of a trip to this mountain is mainly depended to some factors such as the timing, itinerary, number of participants in a team, the required logistic, type of hotel and the type of the tour, ie private or shared tour package.

Generally speaking, the prices are low in summer and high in winter, and as the number of participant in a tour increases, the cost per person will decrease and a short itinerary is cheaper than a longer one.

There are some other factors which may effect the cost of travel to Iran such as, visa process for some foreigners, inflation in the country which increases some costs like hotel and transpor and the permit.

There are a lot of questions and requests about the cost and price of a tour or trip to Mt damavand, it is impossible to give a prcise quotation or even an estimation without having complete info.

So to enable us to give you the best possible quotation and discuss the details, it is recommended to clarify your itinerary and the number of persons in your group, the kind of logistic you need and give us an idea about your arrival date.

Damavand Mt. Iran
Damavand Mountain Iran

Tour Guide for hiking & trekking and climbing are cheaper than high skilled guide for winter climb and ski mountaineering.

There are many ordinary hostels and luxury hotels in Iran with a wide range of prices, do not merely rely on the guide books such as the Lonely Planet price lists , there are increases almost each year in Iran due to inflation, so make sure in advace for the latest changes, or give us an idea about the type of hotel you prefer for accomodation.

Your itinerary determines the price and cost of your trip, a two or three days short form itinerary are considerably cheaper than longer onse, but longer programmes such as four to five days are more easy and relaxing for ordinary people.

The number of climbers in your team is also another major factor for calculation of the total cost, as the number increases, it will decrease the per person cost.

Clarify when you would like to ascend th mountain, because in winter and off season due to tough condition in the area, you need a very experienced guide, further more because of too much snow and ice, mules can not go up to the third camp Bargah Sevom 4220m, so porters should carry your gears, which will increases the costs. But as soon as the climate changes and the weather get warm, the prices decrease significantly.

Tour Private
In the private pakage tours you get the benefit of the best exclusive custom designed tours, so it is a little expensive compared to the shared tours.

Tour Shared
These tours are economy based and money matter tours to reduce your costs, but you must follow the team and there are not may options for fine tuning.

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Mount Damavand Iran
Mt Damavand Iran

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