How to go to Camp2 Base
8 February 2011, by Sherppa

From camp1 Polour or Reyneh you can ask for a car to take you to Base Camp (Gusfandsara), remember most part of the road is gravel and it may not completely be useable in spring and winter and cars may not be able to go all the way, you may consider this gravel road "as far as car can go". The car for this part could be any strong 4WD car such as landrovers, Jeeps and mini trucks.

- Try to use landrover, Jeep and 4WD patrol cars,
- If you are more that two person, do not use mini trucks.

Detailed info For Camp2 Base Camp.

Damavand Base Camp Road Map
Damavand Base Camp Road Map

How to go to Base Camp 3050m
First Camp, Polour or Reyneh> Camp2 Base.
If you are going to start and leave the camp1 early morning, it is suggested to book a car in advance the day before your kick off, it usually takes about one hour to the area.

Distance from Camp1 Polour one hour by car (mostly gravel road.
Ascent to Camp3 Bargah-e Sevom 4 t0 6 hours by slow walk
Descent from Camp3 Bargah-e Sevom 2 to 3 hours.
See also Damavand GPS waypoints.

See also Maps, GPS Landmark.

Damavand Base Camp
Damavand Base Camp

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