Damavand Breaking News
Update 7 August 2013 posted by Mt Damavand Info Center

Tehran time 5:30 PM
Lee Kheng Teck has arrived in Camp1 Polour Hut safely, he is doing a medical check now and he is going to have an interview with a local news agency afterward.

Tehran local time 4:15 PM
Rescue operation started this morning by the rescue helicopter and Iranian rescue teams. We are glad to inform that the young Malaysian mountaineer Lee Kheng Teck is seen alive and safe by a local shepherd on the Easter ridge of Mt Damavand Iran. The attempt to carry him down is under operation (may be by horse and mule).

Damavand Breaking News
6 August 2013 posted by Damavand Info

Urgent help is needed to find and rescue a young Malaysian climber

Malaysian Climber is Missing on Mt Damavand Iran
Latest Breaking News Mt Damawand , 6 August 2013
A Malaysian climber was lost on Damawand Volcano yesterday. The missing climber is called Mr. Lee Kheng Teck.

While ascending he was last seen by his friends on Monday August 5th at about 5 PM Tehran local time at the altitude above 5400 meters high in the sulfuric hills, a part of the volcano just bellow the crater, approx less that one hour to the top. This part of the mountain is also called the Danger Zone.

Damavand High Camp to Summit Route Map
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Damavand High Camp to Summit Route Map
Photo By Ardeshir Soltani

Lee was  the member of a Malaysian expedition team with 11 young climbers. Ten of them left the high camp, Camp 3 Bargah Sevom on the southern ridge, at 9:30 for acclimatization. After reaching the acclimatization target, 3 members decided to return back to the C3 and returend back safely. But the others decided to continue to Damavand peak.

The summit team was divided in two groups. First group contained 3 fast climbers reached the summit after about 5 hours and the second team also included 3 participants reached the top after about 6 hour. While descending they all saw their slow tired friend called Lee near the peak but non of them remained in the area to help him!

We are closely following up the news of this Malaysian mountaineer who went missing on Damawand yesterday. A member of this expedition said that two rescue efforts to find the missing climber have so far failed, search is going on by local mountaineers. Up to now (6th August, Tuesday night), there has been no report for rescue helicopter in the area in coordination with Iran Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Federation.

The Mount Damavand Guide team is looking forward to see helicopter flights and more efforts to locate and rescue this missing Malaysian climbers alive soon.

There has been a good weather for climbing in the area in the last few day, other than some strong wing on the mountain, there has been no report of any severe weather, bad conditions, heavy fog or low visibility during the incident day. Damavand weather reports indicate that good conditions will continue over the mountain for the next few days, making the search and rescue efforts possible.
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There is the possibility that after successfully conquering the summit, he had run out of energy and he had strayed toward the other routes of the mountain during his descend.

Damavand iran
With a height of 5671 meters, the Demavand Peak is the highest mountain in Iran and the Middle East, it is located in the Central part of Alborz Mountain Chain.
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Damavand Sulfuric Hills 5400 meters high
Damavand Sulfuric Hills 5400 meters high
Also called the Danger Zone

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