08 February 2010


Besides your visa process to enter some countries around the world, as a foreign climbers you may need some special permision for climbig to some well-known mountains too. Mt Damavand is among those famous mounts which need permit either for climbing or ski mountaineering. Mount Climbing Federation of Iran asks all foreigner who intend to attempt this mountain to pay for climbing permit.

The cost of permit fee is 50 USD per person for all foreigners regardless of their nationality.

The payment should be down to the representative of the mt federation or your tour leader in advance. When you travel to the mountain through a climbing tour, make sure the permit fee is included it the charges, but if you travel alone, pay the permit to the representive and get a ticket.

Damavand Mountain Iran
Mt. Damavand Iran
Photo Anosh Soltani

It is not recommended to try to cheat the permit by going to other ways and by-passing the unusual route, because the representive is impolite and not tolerable in this regard and may try to get the fee by immoral ways. Unfortunately there has been some quarrel and misunderstanding between the foreign climbers and the federation representives in the past. See also Warning .

What a shame! We condemn such behaver to foreign climbers, and on the behalf of Mount Climbing Society in Iran, we are very sorry and ashamed of this kind behaver by the representive Iranian Mountain Climbing Federation.

damavand poppy field
Mount Damavand Poppy Field
Photo A. Soltani

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