03 March 2010


Climbing Tips
Mt Damavand Climbing Tips Part1
Climbing to Mt Damavand summit is a geart memory, many climbers dream of climbing to this beautiful mountain, in this topic we share our experience and give you a collection of useful tips and tricks to ease your ascend to the top.

Mt Damavand ranks beside Mt Kilimanjaro in terms of difficulty and climbing grade. Technically speaking all you have to do is to trek about 8 kms distance in 10 hours time with a 26 deg mild slope and ascend 2630 meters from base camp to peak. See Facts And Figuers .

Climbing to this mountain is technically easy but physically a tough battle, prior to your ascend you better to read the essential info, the more you know, the more chance of success you have, we suggest you to read the following informative pages too: GPS Landmark,

- A good physical fitness is essential.
- The main challenge is Accommodation, start if you are ready.

- Best climb Timin is June, July and August.
- Recommended climbing Routes is the south face.

- An experienced and reliable mountain Guide is very helpful and will increases you chance of ascend.
- Use the day light only and never start at night, best starting time from camp 3 to the top is 5 to 6 am . See Common Mistakes

- Between Camp 2 Base to Camp 3 Bargah, do not carry heavy backpack or any heavy stuff . See How To Climb
- it is necessary to bring the proper Equipmen for a safe climb.

- Best Itinerary is 3 or 4 days.
- Best starting point is Camp 1 Polour.

- Camp 2 Base is not a suitable place for acclimatisation in summer, it is too crowded and too dirty, you better use Camp1 Polour or Camp 3 New Hut for acclimatization only. See Warning.

- Do not leave the camps and do not atempt climbig in bad Weather. You need a good weather for climbing in any season.
- If crowded, do not sleep in Camp 3 Bargah Shellter,you can book and use the new hut privte rooms.

Mt. Damavand Iran
Mt Damavand Iran
Photo by Anosh Soltani

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