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Damavand Pool
Damavand is placed in the middle of Elborz Mountains approx 60 Km south of Caspian Sea. Damawand giant volcano has a small glacier at its crater summit which is usually frozen but in a hot summer it may melt and make some water to form a small pool, also called the summit lake.

Damavand Pool
Damavand Pool

The pool is located at about 5,650 meters above sea level which it is the highest pool in Middle East and is ranked No 9 in the World Highest Lake Ranking. Due to freezing temp at Damavand Summit, only few mountaineers have the chance to see water in this pool because it is an icy pool rather than a water lake. It disappears and freezes solid during the cold season. Related topic Damavand Pool.

If you climb the mountain in summer, do not miss this natural phenomenon. But be careful that the water in this pool is not drinking water. This pool cannot qualify as a true permanent lake because it will disappear during the cold season and it's too small. Generaly it is a small frozen pool.
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Moun Damavand Iran
Moun Damavand Iran

The Highest Lake in the World
Mount Damavand Pool is ranked no 9 in the World Highest Lake Ranking .

1- Lhagba Pool - 6368m - 20892f - Tibet
2- Changtse Pool - 6216m - 20394f - Tibet
3- East Rongbuk Pool - 6100m - 20013f - Tibet
4- Acamarachi Pool - 5950m - 19520f - Chile
5- Lake Licancábur - 5916m - 19410f - Chile-Bolivia
6- Aguas Calientes Pool - 5831m - 19130f - Chile
7- Ridonglabo Lake - 5801m - 19032f - Tibet
8- Poquentica Lake - 5750m - 18865f - Chile-Bolivia
9- Damavand Pool - 5650m - 18536f - Iran
10-Karda Lake - 5643m - 18513f - Tibet

What a pity that the beautiful Mount Sabalan Lake 4800m, in Azarbaeijan Iran, is missing in The Highest Lake in the World ranking ?!
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Sabalan Lake
Mount Sabalan Lake

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Glaciers provide the necessary water to form a mountain pool/lake. The Highest Lake in the World, pool world ranking. The world highest lake ranking. Iran mountain articles.
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