Damavand Ski Touring
Mount Damavand is a well-known peak for climbing and trekking. But because of its moderate ski slopes and quick accessibility from Tehran, it is gaining popularity for ski touring too.

Mount Damavand is 5671 mhigh, it is the highest ski resort in Iran and the Middle-East. Due to its great height and it proximity to the Caspian Sea it receives a great amount of snowfalls each winter.
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Damavand Ski-touring
Damavand Ski-touring
Photo by Ali Fard

Damavand is an ideal place for winter sport activities such as winter climbing, off-piste ski-touring, Alpine style ski mountaineering,  wild snowboarding and snowshoeing. There is no mechanical facility such as chair lift, car cable, gondola or telecabin in the area and you should ascend on feet or on ski.

Ski touring Mt Damavand Iran

Ski touring Mt Damavand Iran
Photo by Ali Fard

Ski Route
South route it is not technical and is the best trail for ski and snowboard tours. It is tough to reach and ski on the other faces of the mountain.
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Ski Season
The ski season may starts from mid November and last until mid May. Tours generally go in March and April. Each year the amount of snow is different,  it is recommended to check the snow condition in advance and before you fix your program and travelling to the area.

Mt Damavand View from Mt Tochal Summit
Mt Damavand View from Mt Tochal Summit
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

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